Discern and balance your energetic field as you activate the body’s self-healing capacity through increased awareness of your physical and emotional states.

Spa Services

8:00am. to 8:00pm.

Body scrubs and wraps

Enjoy this amazing massage technique wich uses natural scented oils that stimulate a part of the brain cells called limbic system and helps to get a good mood and puts you in touch with your emotions. This way we help to release endorphins and reach a state of well being and happiness.

Massage therapy bodywork

Enjoy the techniques we use by applying the right amount of pressure just enough to relax the muscles. Our goal is to reach the tissues improving movility of body parts where you may have muscle pain caused by injuries, lowering strees and anxiety, thus, improving the state of mind.

Specialty facial and body

Revitalize your body, mind and soul with this Facial Treatment, which has a therapeutic and invigorating effect. We assure you that you will leave here with a feeling of vitality and rejuvenation.


Our salon offers complete hair, nail, and body care, including stylish haircuts, color, makeup application, waxing, and skin and hair products for women and men.

Manicure and Pedicure

It consists of performing a manicure which includes the application of exfoliation, mask and moisturizing hand cream, with application of OPI brand enamel, includes a 5-minute hand massage in the application of the moisturizing cream.